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Error At Accounts Facebook Login Callback

Error At Accounts Facebook Login Callback


Error At Accounts Facebook Login Callback

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5a02188284 You can allow users to sign in to your app using multiple authentication providers by linking auth provider credentials to an existing user account. To complete the sign in to the intended provider, the user has to sign first to the existing provider (Google) and then link to the former AuthCredential (Facebook access token). To forbid users from making any modifications to their user document: 1Meteor.users.deny({ update: () => true }); Client Meteor.loggingIn() import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor' (accounts-base/accountsclient.js, line 189) True if a login method (such as Meteor.loginWithPassword, Meteor.loginWithFacebook, or Accounts.createUser) is currently in progress. This new account is stored as part of your Firebase project, and can be used to identify a user across every app in your project, regardless of how the user signs in. loginUrlParameters Object Provide additional parameters to the authentication URI. The ideas below should work. Arguments callback Function Optional callback. { // Facebook account successfully linked to the existing Firebase user. clientId in the above example) depends on the the login service being used, so be sure to use the correct one: Property Name Services appId Faceb


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